DVC stands for Drains-Vents-Cushions. We thought those would be nice features to bring to the sit-on-top. DVC Deluxe Seating System marries HiFlow™ 3-D Mesh to a cushioned seat back, inclined thigh support and hip pads that adjust to your body type.

The amazing stability of the Tunnel Hull comes without compromising other key performance attributes like speed and maneuverability. Additionally, the concave wells inside the boat let your feet ride lower than your torso. All told, you can stand with confidence, sit with less fatigue and maneuver like a pro.

The Groove is our exclusive accessory attachment system. Want to go out with extra work surfaces, rod holders or depth finders? Components slide on-off at your pleasure. You can lock them down anywhere along the rail system, loosen and move them easily.

Plug and Play provides a place to install a number of lash points or other accessories for tying down gear or rigging a system of your own creation on your Mariner.

Pitched to match your feet when naturally relaxed, Easy Foot rests provide more surface area for you to find your ideal position. With the push/pull system you can reach and adjust the foot rests to your desired length even while on the water. Easy Foot comes in two sizes but both are equaly comfortable and simple to adjust while seated.

Propel Pedal Drive System is ingeniously designed and feature-laden. You can pedal in reverse which is invaluable for fishing, docking and photography. It easily tilts out of the water and out of the way on the bow when you'd rather paddle or pole. Sealed against sand and grit and made from marine grade aluminum and stainless steel, Propel is built to perform in fresh or salt water. Minimum maintenance required. See this Care and Maintenance Manual for details.

The Tag-Along Wheel is mounted on stainless steel components the rugged wheel rolls over gravel, grass and packed sand. To clean it, just blast it with a hose.

With Adapt-A-Trak™, they're your personalized game-changing kayak. Customize your boat to whatever your passion or the water conditions demand with our patented Adapt-A-Trak system. You can attach and easily remove spray skirts, bags, bottle holders, and more. There's lots of outfitting made exclusively for your Ultimate.

DVC seats

Tunnel Hull


Plug and Play

Easy Foot

Propel Drive