Mariner Series

The Mariner series comes with Natives very own Propel Pedal Drive, where you can pedal forward and backwards. So you can manoeuvre easily on water. The Tunnel Hull design keeps the kayak extremely stable. Therefore you can stand or sit. There is plenty of space for storage, tonnes of accessories to outfit. Check out the highly versatile Plug-And-Play feature.

Mariner 10 Propel

Length-305cm (10'), Width-81cm (32"), Weight-33kg, Capacity-125kg

Mariner 12.5 Propel

Length-381cm (12'6"), Width-81cm (32"), Weight-39.5kg, Capacity-181kg

Mariner 12.5 Propel Angler

Length-381cm (12'6"), Width-81cm (32"), Weight-41kg, Capacity-181kg

* All Mariner Includes Sling Seat, Tunnel Hull, Plug and Play, Easy Foot, Propel

* Mariner Angler Kit includes two Scotty flush rod mounts, one Scotty side rod mount, a Groove mount outfitting plate, anchor trolley system and anchor kit