Ultimate Series

The # 1 seller in US, the Ultimate series kayaks features tunnel hull design, which is stable enough to stand while fishing. Or you can even put a tripod in the kayak to capture photos of wildlife up close. It is also the most enjoyable and comfortable kayak on water. It comes with Propel Pedal Drive (pedal forward & backwards), anchor kit and trolley system, Adapt-A-Trak, Plug-And-Play. Ultimate kayaks have ample storage space for your extra gears. You can take everything you need on this boat, not to mention the many accessories tyou can outfit.

Ultimate 12

Ultimate 14.5

Ultimate 16

Ultimate 14.5 Tandem - 2 seater

* Includes Removable First Class Seat, Tunnel Hull, Easy Foot, Adapt-a-Trak, Groove.

For full listings of Ultimate series, visit www.nativewatercraft.com

Angler series - Includes two Scotty flush rod mounts and one Scotty side rod mount that will accept your spinning or fly rod holder, an anchor kit and an anchor trolley.

Propel series - Includes Propel Drive, rudder.

Propel Angler series - Includes four Scotty flush rod mounts, anchor trolley system and anchor kit