DIY Fin Adapter for Inflatables (J-2 Motors), AT-INK-2101

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DIY Fin Adapter for Inflatables (J-2 Motors), AT-INK-2101


DIY Fin Adapter for Inflatables (J-2 Motors)

If you own an inflatable kayak or an inflatable stand up paddleboard (or inflatable anything) and would like to motorize it, you now have the perfect companion: the DIY Fin Adapter for Inflatables.

For inflatables that don’t have a fin box/plate, you can glue the provided flexible fin plate to the bottom of your vessel using PVC or urethane adhesive glue. Then using the provided Slide & Lock adapter, you'll be able to easily slide your Bixpy J-2 Motor onto your newly installed fin box. 

This fin box does NOT ship with adhesive as you will need to select your own adhesive depending on what you will be installing to. The fin box material is PVC. So if you're glueing to a PVC surface, you can use a PVC to PVC adhesive. If you're gluing your fin box to another type of surface, you should do some research and make sure to use the appropriate adhesive. If you have doubts about your boat's construction, please contact your boat maker for the best advice or reach out to us and we'll do our best to help .


  • Inflatable Fin Box - Adapter
  • Bixpy Slide & Lock Fin Adapter 
  • All hardware required


  • Additional features: Easily attached to your Bixpy Motor
  • Motor draft: 6" (15 cm)
  • Protection: Water-proof, dirt-proof and corrosion resistant housing and components for salt water or fresh water use 


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SKU: AT-INK-2101