Platform Boom 150 Pro Series, 02-4037-11, RailBlaza

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Platform Boom 150 Pro Series, 02-4037-11, RailBlaza


Platform Boom 150 Pro Series

With paddlesport photography becoming increasingly popular with new innovations in the camera industry, the RAILBLAZA Platform Boom 150 is a perfect way to hold the camera and capture the action. Whether the shot is hauling in a record-breaking marlin or surfing a huge wave back to shore, capturing the moment from the perfect angle is made easy.  As the little brother to the Camera Boom 600, the Platform Boom 150 is over 11 inches long and fully adjustable with 4 moving joints.  This makes capturing any angle is possible.  The Platform Boom 150 has a screw on the top platform to fit most cameras, including GoPro cameras which are easily attached using the self-adhesive mounts provided with the camera. This camera mount will fit into any RAILBLAZA StarPort.  **All RAILBLAZA accessories fit the different RAILBLAZA port based systems. Base not included. 

The new design of the Platform Boom 150 Pro Series is 3 separate parts: RAILBLAZA Fixed Extender, RAILBLAZA Adjustable Extender, RAILBLAZA Three Axis Platform.  This adds to your ability to retask each part when the Platform Boom 150 is not being used as intended. 

  • Elevates camera or depth finder up to 11 inches off the deck of your boat 
  • GoPro compatible 
  • Base not included 

What You Get

1 x Platform Boom 150


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SKU: 02-4037-11

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